Goliath 4x4 Monster Truck

Goliath 4x4 Monster Truck

Goliath was a 1979 Ford F-250 monster truck owned and driven by Alan Tura out of Warren, Ohio. This truck became Goliath's Revenge, and then G-Force.


LOCATION: Warren, Ohio

FIRST APPEARANCE: May 1984 - Canada

VEHICLE: 1979 Ford F-250

ENGINE: two 460 cu.in. Fords bored to 472 cu.in.

CARBURETION: 2 Predators atop a 6-71 BDS Blower on each engine

HORSEPOWER: 1,000 per engine

TRANSMISSION: Ford C-6 per engine

RUNNING GEAR: 2 1/2 ton transfer case, Dana 60 and Clark 5 ton rear ends. the Dana 60's are used to drop the angle of the drive shafts, and to give more gear reduction. The Dana's are directly connected to the 5 tons

TIRES: 66 x 43 x 25 inch Goodyear Terras

SUSPENSION: custom leafs and 12 Rancho shocks

FEATURES: a special system up front that bellows forth steam, 600 synchronized Vista marker miniature lights, tilt hood, 100 electronic sirons, 14 directional KC Daylighters, chrome bumpers, and a double tube chrome roll bar.

HEIGHT: 13 feet
WIDTH: 12 feet
WEIGHT: 17,000 lbs.

The Goliath Monster Truck was retired in 2006.

Goliath is now in the Monster Truck Hall of Fame